Seasonic HT series OEM power supplies are designed for most demanding PC manufacturers who need effective and reliable powering for workstations, servers and gaming PCs. HT series OEM power supplies are compliant to 80PLUS Bronze and Energy Star 4.0 standards, assuring users that their systems will consume as low power as it possible. High reliability and efficiency is also approved by compliance to ATX12V v2.3 standard and server EPS12V v2.9 standard, which has even higher demands.

Apart from energy efficiency, Seasonic is also dedicated to making silent power supply. Seasonic’s concept of S2FC (Smart & Silent Fan Control) takes the meaning of silent power supply to an upper level. Effective and silent 120 mm fan is able to run as fast as it should be instead of as fast as it can to keep the power supply in silence while effectively dissipating the heat.

Proven topology from Seasonic, carefully selected components from best suppliers on the market and strict quality control along with affordable price make HT series power supply units perfect choice for system builders.


Active Power Factor Correction [99% PF Typical]
Universal AC Input [Full Range]
Ultra Ventilation [Honeycomb Structure]
Patented Easy Swap Connector
Double Forward Converter Design
DC to DC Converter Design
Smart & Silent Fan Control (S2FC)
12cm Ball Bearing Cooling Fan
Ample +12V Outputs
Dual Sided PCB Layout


Over voltage protection
Over power protection
Short circuit protection on all outputs

Cables included

Main Power 20/24 pin ATX12V 4 pin EPS12V 8 pin/ ATX12V 4 pin EPS12V 8 pin PCI-E 6 pin
1 0 1 1 2
550 мм   600 мм 600 мм 600 мм
PCI-E 6 pin/8 pin SATA Peripherial 4 pin FDD 4 pin  
2 9 6 1  
600 мм 400+150+150 мм 400+150+150 мм 80 мм  

Note 1: Cable length and number of connectors can be changed in new revisions without prior notice. We try to keep our information up-to-date, but we suggest you to ask your local reseller/distributor for correct information before purchasing.

Note 2: FDD connectors are provided as addition to one or several of the Molex cables or as Molex-to-FDD adapters. Table numbers represent wire length from closest Molex connector or Molex-to-FDD adapter length.

Technical characteristics

+3.3 V +5 V +12 V1 +12 V2 -12 V +5 Vsb Total power
24.0 30.0 40.0 40.0 0.8 3.0 750
150.0 744.0 9.6 15.0

Package Contents

OEM shipping

Compliance to standart